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100 Watt Powered Speakers With Laser Light

Attractive design with new features of Audio Output, Delay and Repeat.

Innovative New Products With Karaoke Echo Microphone

Wireless and Rechargable comes with Professional MIC. 

Dual 15 Inch Portable Bluetooth DJ/PA Speaker

Big power, Essential for DJ’s, Musicians & Pro Audio Professionals!

8 Inch Wooden Box Portable Bluetooth Party Speakers

This LE-8A new model bluetooth speaker with 8inch wooden frame is installed with premium quality which gives amazing high beat sound to audio listeners.

2017 New Model Wooden Box Portable Bluetooth Party Speakers

Muitifunction party Speaker With 8inch Wooden Frame is installed with premium quality which gives amazing high beat sound to audio listeners.

Portable Wooden Box DJ/PA Subwoofer Bluetooth Speakers

This 15 inch wooden box bluetooth trolley speaker is a super bass speaker with big power and DJ function.

Kind of Glory

on November 3,2017.

On October 21, 2017, we took part in a competition which held by alibaba named "king of glory, kind of Huadu”. It is a 35days compete and chase .Everyone wrote down their goals and decided to do it and complete it.
In these 35 days, each of us will write his own story, Believe in yourself and make the best of yourself. Strive to achieve your goals, TO Show us the noble spirit of not being afraid of hardship. This honor will belongs to whom at last, let us wait and see…
The same is true of our products , must be earnest, persistent, constantly exploring and pursuing the spirit of innovatio,we only can produce good products to show in front of customers, to win the customer's affirmation and favor in the fierce competition.

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